BIDECKY CONSULT is at the fore front in the provision of reliable Networking services.
Our company has an impressive list of industry qualifications and proven practical experience in networking as well as keeping up to date with the latest advances in computer technology.
We are experts in the installation of networks of all scales; from simple work groups to complex networks. This include Local Area Network(LAN),Wide Area Network(WAN) and internet/intranet technology.
Our support skills include Local and wireless area Networks technology and Network troubleshooting.
Some of the network benefits are as follows;
- Network helps to guide efforts and responds to users request in timely and professional manner.
- provides user with a greater degree of flexibility in business relationship with others.
- Users would have access to larger information and would be share resources over a network.
- User in a particular geographic location can send and access information on a remote server via side area network or Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT)


Our Clients